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You are probably already ‘doing’ social media. But is it being done well?

Is social media really adding value to your business?

Strategic Social Media Review

The review process will provide you with a full report on your current social media activity, highlighting the strengths of your current activity and a detailed set of key recommendations to improve and get better results. To enable a deep analysis, we will use your logins (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Analytics) to access the advanced data available.We can also assist you in creating a new social media strategy for your business.

  • Key statistics: Clear insight on the things that matter
  • Competitor analysis: How do you compare?
  • Channel review: Assess the best for your audience
  • Travel focus:   Proven travel industry insight
  • Audience building: How to attract a large, relevant audience
  • Killer content: How to deliver engaging, valuable content
  • Advertising: Learn how social ads will help your business
  • Practical tips: Planning, reporting, graphics, trends etc.
  • Strategy:  A new strategic road-map for your organisation